Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Does it exist?

“You have Trump Derangement Syndrome!”, the Trump cultists rant.

“You are just upset because Hillary lost!”, they shriek as they hold their MAGA hats to their chests.

Does “Trump Derangement Syndrome” really exist? Of course it does! Why wouldn’t it? The demented fool we have for president causes extreme distress for millions of Americans. People are worried. People are scared. He is an erratic mad man with no impulse control. Can you imagine Trump reacting to another 911?? THE THOUGHT OF ANOTHER 911 HAPPENING UNDER TRUMP’S WATCH SHOULD HORRIFY EVERY AMERICAN TO THEIR CORE.

Millions of Americans are scared and concerned over having a president who is so unstable. Whether you want to label what people are experiencing as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, “Extreme Stress Syndrome”, or something else doesn’t matter. Label it what you want. What people are experiencing as a result of his presidency is very real.

The reason for Americans having TDS has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary losing though. NOTHING! If any of the other Republicans had won, do you really think there would be so many Americans in distress? Would there be “JEB Derangement Syndrome” if he had won? Of course not! What about “Chris Christie Derangement Syndrome”, “John Kasich Derangement Syndrome”, or “Marco Rubio Derangement Syndrome”?? Anyone with a brain knows that they wouldn’t exist.

People have TDS and are in distress because Trump is unstable, unfit, and a vile human being. It has nothing to do with “Hillary losing.” Nice try though, cultists!

Trump riddles and jokes

Riddles and jokes from

What does the Trump Administration use instead of emails? ALTERNATIVE FAX

Trump is not a sexual abuser. He is and alternative romantic.

George Washington couldn’t tell a lie. Richard Nixon couldn’t tell the truth. Donald Trump can’t tell the difference.

Trump and Putin are out to dinner. The waiter asks Putin what he would like to order. “I’ll have the steak,” Putin says. The waiter then says, “and for your vegetable?” Putin says, “He will have the steak too.”

What’s the difference between God and Donald Trump? GOD DOESN’T THINK HE IS DONALD TRUMP.

What happens when you take a joke too far? THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES

Do you want to hear a racist joke? DONALD TRUMP

Donald Trump can’t tell the difference.

Trump Cultists: Did you sign a loyalty pledge?

Trump demands loyalty from all those around him. His definition of loyalty is that everyone needs to praise him and tell him how great he is. Loyalty to him is to not question him and do everything he says. Loyalty is the number 1 thing Trump looks for when hiring staff. It is not whether or not they are qualified. This is why we have seen the constant mess and chaos since day 1- constant resignations, constant firings, and many people serving in the ‘acting’ capacity.

Trump makes his cabinet members and others around him praise him in front of the cameras. This has occurred many times since Trump’s election. Each time it’s horrifying and uncomfortable to watch. The most notable example was early on in his presidency during a cabinet meeting. One by one, each cabinet member praised him and told him how great it was to work for him. You can pull it up on YouTube. IT WILL SICKEN YOU TO WATCH. This is something that DICTATORS do. Trump also made them all sign loyalty pledges and nondisclosure agreements.

I think that Trump’s cultist supporters need to sign one of those loyalty pledges! They need to show their total devotion to him! They definitely show it but they need to make it formal. Make it official! I’ll help them out with the pledge by providing them with a template:

I, _____________________, will show total loyalty, love, support, and total blind devotion to you, my favorite president of all time!! I won’t question anything you say! I will accept your reality of things! Everyone who says mean things about you is the “ENEMY”! I will defend you Dear Leader! When you break the law and instruct others to do so, I will defend you! When you said at an event many months ago that “what you see and what you hear is not real”, I accept that as truth Dear Leader! I will agree with everything you say! MAGA!


**write your name here**

A fellow “stable genius” and loving supporter!

I love you!!!!!! kisses!!!! XOXOXOXO MAGA!

A Challenge for Trump Cultists

For the most part, those who support Trump remain silent on his conduct and behavior. For the past 2 years, we have heard excuse after excuse after excuse made for him. I have a CHALLENGE for those who support him!

I challenge his cultists to try to muster up the courage to criticize something he says or does????? ANYTHING! He tells those around him to break the law in exchange for pardons. Perhaps that could be something you can criticize him for!!


At this point I’d accept them “criticizing” him by saying they don’t like the color of his tie. I think that would be the best of what we can expect from any of them!

Never in History…

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where you can’t allow your kids to listen to due to the hate and filth that spews from his mouth.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where dozens of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have come forward to express concern about his mental instability.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where his advisors come out regularly to ensure Americans that he is not racist.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where his OWN PEOPLE think he is unfit. Early on, they discussed using the 25th Amendment to remove him and they have been leaking stuff about him since day one.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where 40-50 former senators have signed an open letter warning about how dangerous he is.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where close to 75 former Intel officials, former generals, and former CIA officials have signed an open letter warning about how dangerous he is.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where former REPUBLICAN national security community employees have signed an open letter warning about him.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president who spews hate, mocks people, insults people, name calls, and incites violence.

NEVER IN HISTORY in history have we had a president who sides with dictators OVER AMERICANS.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where former EPA officials, both Democrat and Republican, have signed an open letter with concerns about what he is doing in regard to the environment.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president who is so mentally sick, so mentally unstable, and so unfit for office.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where citizens in areas where mass shootings occur DON’T WANT HIM to visit.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where people DON’T WANT him at their OWN funerals.

NEVER IN HISTORY have we had a president where people DON’T WANT him at their weddings.

Does any of this concern his cultists?????? Of course not! They don’t care.

Christian Trump Supporters

“Christians” are a large part of the Trump Cult. I put the word Christian in quotes because it boggles the mind as to how they can support such a vile, vulgar human as president. I’m not talking about all Christians or religious people. I’m talking about those who love to preach morality to others. Those who think they are holier than thou. Those who criticize the behavior of Democrats for things that don’t even come close to Trump’s vileness. I’m also talking about the religious leaders who we see on the various news shows making excuses for him.

How can they go to church every week, thump those bibles on their knees, sing ‘I love Jesus’ songs, claim to practice what’s in the bible, claim to be for love and unity THEN turn around and give their support to a president who is lower than pond scum??

Trump mocks and insults people. Is that Christian like?

Trump breaks the law and instructs others around him to do the same in exchange for pardons. Is that Christian like?

Trump spreads hate and divides Americans. Is that Christian like?

Trump rips families apart and puts kids in cages. Is that Christian like?

Trump bullies everyone around him. Is that Christian like?

Trump told Howard Stern that he would date and have sex with Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter. Is that Christian like?

Trump cheated on all 3 of his wives. Is that Christian like?

Trump has been accused of sexual assault by many women including one of his ex wives. Is that Christian like?

Trump paid hush money to a porn star. Is that Christian like?

Many people have theorized as to how Christians can support him. One theory is that they like his Supreme Court choices so they overlook his vileness. Another is that they like what he is doing in regard to abortion. With religious leaders, it may be about gaining or holding onto power.

Whether it’s one of the reasons above or some other reason, they have no right to call themselves Christians. HOW DARE THEY CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIANS. HOW DARE THEY!

Many people have said this and I agree– They have sold out their souls to support Trump.