America’s Biggest National Security risk is Trump Himself

Never in history have we had a president who was a national security risk. It’s mind boggling to think that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is actually a risk to national security and this country as a whole! Unfortunately, that’s the current situation in this country. Trump has done a number of things that make him such a risk.

One behavior he engages in is his tweeting. He tweets changes in foreign policy without telling his advisers, the State Department, the Defense Department, or his Intel officials. When the tweets come out, none of these people have a clue about what he means or what he is talking about. Trump is the first president in history that does NOT talk with anyone around him about the issues that effect this country and the world. When things are suggested to him by his advisers, he ignores them. This behavior has the potential to be very dangerous. A terrorist attack in this country is an event that would be disastrous with Trump as president. He would not confer with his generals or the Defense Department on the course of action. He would end up tweeting a course of action out. By the way, a president can not change a policy by tweeting it!

Another thing that makes Trump a risk to national security is his mental illnesses. They prevent him from thinking clearly. His mental illnesses result in him being erratic and not being able to control his impulses.

Thirdly, he can’t be trusted to be alone with world leaders. We still don’t know what he and Putin spoke about in Helsinki. He took the translators notes and threatened him to not say what was discussed. Nothing exists to show what took place in that meeting. There are no notes. There are no transcripts. Top Intel officials attempted to find out from Trump himself what was discussed to no avail.

Trump can not be trusted with classified information out of fear that he will tell people about it. Early on in his presidency he told Russian officials information that was classified. He also bad mouthed Jim Comey, an AMERICAN, by calling him a “nut job” to Russian officials during that same meeting. As a result of these incidences, our Intel officials did not tell Trump about a secret cyber attack program they had against Russia because they feared Trump would tell Putin. Our OWN GOVERNMENT keeps many things from Trump on a regular basis.

America has many problems and issues that need to be solved. The biggest problem and threat our country faces now though is OUR OWN PRESIDENT.

Trump’s Mental Instability

Trump is a cesspool of mental illness. He is very child like and needs constant praise. He is thin skinned and gets offended easily. He lashes out like a baby by insulting people, engaging in name calling, and mocking people’s looks. He is dangerously narcissistic and makes everything about him. He is a pathological liar. I’m sure there are many grown adults like this but when the person is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, it is very concerning. It’s more than concerning. It’s horrifying to the core. This man has the ability to start war. He has access to the nuke codes.

Trump’s cultists will say people who don’t have a mental health background have no right to diagnose him with various mental disorders. Normally, I would agree if we were talking about some Joe Shmoe living down the block or working at the local restaurant in town. We are not talking about just anybody. We are talking about THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. People have the DUTY to speak out against a president who exhibits signs of mental illness. Many people have spoken out including former White House employees as well as mental health professionals.

People have been attaching various mental health disorder labels to him based on his behaviors. Let’s say people with no mental health background stop attaching labels to him. OK. Fine. No labels. Whether or not we attach mental health disorder labels to him doesn’t change the fact that what he does is very disturbing. People STILL have the duty to speak out against his behaviors.

Trump is a very mentally unstable person. Numerous examples exist. Whether you want to attach some label to him or not, it doesn’t change the fact that he is unfit for the office. That’s the point people should be focusing on not the labels themselves.