Random Thoughts

Do Trump supporters have crap for brains or are they naturally stupid?

What will it take for Trump supporters to speak out against him? When will enough be enough?

Poor Barron. He would be so much better off without that vile sleaze for a father.

As the election gets closer, Trump will have KAG (Keep America Great) hats to replace the MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats. Apparently, America is great now! His cultists will have to buy the new KAG hats to replace their filthy MAGA ones.

Trump’s supporters would not be called cultists if they spoke out against some of the things he says and does. Most do not speak out.

Trump: mentally sick, unstable, unfit, immature, child like, vile, vulgar, hateful, a pathological liar, erratic, has no impulse control, spews hate, divides people, narcissistic, a demagogue, dangerous, a threat to national security. ….. and those are his good points!

What is it about the people around Trump who lie and cover up for him? We haven’t seen anything like this before.

Trump hate rally: A FICTIONALIZED account

The Trump cultists were in place. They were waiting patiently for the hate rally to begin. They moved their MAGA hats across their tangled hair in an attempt to make them perfect for Dear Leader. They were all screaming MAGA over and over again. Thirty minutes passed and the crowd was starting to become impatient until finally the moment they were waiting for arrived! Out of the darkness, a large orange mass could be seen! The mass wobbled into the light and stopped at a nearby lectern. The crowd went crazy!! Who they see as the Messiah was a dream come true to them. Tears filled their eyes! Their hearts all beat at a fast pace! They began slobbering and drooling all over the place.

Finally the crowd got quiet. Trump, who his cultists see as the Messiah, began to speak. For over an hour and a half, he babbled out incoherent ramblings. One rambling after another. No matter what he said, the cultists showed agreement by screaming and cheering. They didn’t seem to care what he was saying or if they were being lied to. Trump then began to call people names. His cultists loved it. They cheered him on. A big smile came across his filthy, orange maggot face. The crowd was feeding into his clinical narcissism. It was all about him! He loved it! With all the cheering, the crowd fed his narcissism even more and Trump felt so loved. In an attempt to rile up his cultists more, he began to spew out some hate and racism. Racist chants began. Trump stood there without a care in the world. After several minutes, the racist chants stopped.

Trump then asked the crowd, “Who is your favorite president?” They shouted, “You are!” “Who is a stable genius”, he asked. “You are!”, the cultists shouted back. Trump then told the crowd, “No KKK robes will given out tonight. At my last rally, I didn’t have enough and a fight broke out.” The cultists were not happy. “We want our KKK robes, the crowd shouted.” Trump said, “But you all have the MAGA hats! They stand for the same ideals and values!” His cultists all said, “Oh yeah, you are right Dear Leader!!!!

The rally ended. The cultists went home to watch FOX News and got their dose of an alternative reality that they think is real. Trump went back to the White House and began tweeting into the late hours of the night.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Does it exist?

“You have Trump Derangement Syndrome!”, the Trump cultists rant.

“You are just upset because Hillary lost!”, they shriek as they hold their MAGA hats to their chests.

Does “Trump Derangement Syndrome” really exist? Of course it does! Why wouldn’t it? The demented fool we have for president causes extreme distress for millions of Americans. People are worried. People are scared. He is an erratic mad man with no impulse control. Can you imagine Trump reacting to another 911?? THE THOUGHT OF ANOTHER 911 HAPPENING UNDER TRUMP’S WATCH SHOULD HORRIFY EVERY AMERICAN TO THEIR CORE.

Millions of Americans are scared and concerned over having a president who is so unstable. Whether you want to label what people are experiencing as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, “Extreme Stress Syndrome”, or something else doesn’t matter. Label it what you want. What people are experiencing as a result of his presidency is very real.

The reason for Americans having TDS has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary losing though. NOTHING! If any of the other Republicans had won, do you really think there would be so many Americans in distress? Would there be “JEB Derangement Syndrome” if he had won? Of course not! What about “Chris Christie Derangement Syndrome”, “John Kasich Derangement Syndrome”, or “Marco Rubio Derangement Syndrome”?? Anyone with a brain knows that they wouldn’t exist.

People have TDS and are in distress because Trump is unstable, unfit, and a vile human being. It has nothing to do with “Hillary losing.” Nice try though, cultists!

Trump Cultists: Did you sign a loyalty pledge?

Trump demands loyalty from all those around him. His definition of loyalty is that everyone needs to praise him and tell him how great he is. Loyalty to him is to not question him and do everything he says. Loyalty is the number 1 thing Trump looks for when hiring staff. It is not whether or not they are qualified. This is why we have seen the constant mess and chaos since day 1- constant resignations, constant firings, and many people serving in the ‘acting’ capacity.

Trump makes his cabinet members and others around him praise him in front of the cameras. This has occurred many times since Trump’s election. Each time it’s horrifying and uncomfortable to watch. The most notable example was early on in his presidency during a cabinet meeting. One by one, each cabinet member praised him and told him how great it was to work for him. You can pull it up on YouTube. IT WILL SICKEN YOU TO WATCH. This is something that DICTATORS do. Trump also made them all sign loyalty pledges and nondisclosure agreements.

I think that Trump’s cultist supporters need to sign one of those loyalty pledges! They need to show their total devotion to him! They definitely show it but they need to make it formal. Make it official! I’ll help them out with the pledge by providing them with a template:

I, _____________________, will show total loyalty, love, support, and total blind devotion to you, my favorite president of all time!! I won’t question anything you say! I will accept your reality of things! Everyone who says mean things about you is the “ENEMY”! I will defend you Dear Leader! When you break the law and instruct others to do so, I will defend you! When you said at an event many months ago that “what you see and what you hear is not real”, I accept that as truth Dear Leader! I will agree with everything you say! MAGA!


**write your name here**

A fellow “stable genius” and loving supporter!

I love you!!!!!! kisses!!!! XOXOXOXO MAGA!