Random Thoughts

Do Trump supporters have crap for brains or are they naturally stupid?

What will it take for Trump supporters to speak out against him? When will enough be enough?

Poor Barron. He would be so much better off without that vile sleaze for a father.

As the election gets closer, Trump will have KAG (Keep America Great) hats to replace the MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats. Apparently, America is great now! His cultists will have to buy the new KAG hats to replace their filthy MAGA ones.

Trump’s supporters would not be called cultists if they spoke out against some of the things he says and does. Most do not speak out.

Trump: mentally sick, unstable, unfit, immature, child like, vile, vulgar, hateful, a pathological liar, erratic, has no impulse control, spews hate, divides people, narcissistic, a demagogue, dangerous, a threat to national security. ….. and those are his good points!

What is it about the people around Trump who lie and cover up for him? We haven’t seen anything like this before.