Can Trump Win Again?

After what we have been through since Trump got elected, can he actually win again? Can people be that stupid to vote in a mentally unstable demagogue for a second term??

The majority of Americans didn’t want Trump in 2016. They majority don’t want him in 2020. That doesn’t mean he wont win again though. If Trump wins again, it will be another ELECTORAL win. The sad truth is that there is a possibility of him winning a second term.

Trump has been losing Republican suburban voters in droves. It’s been a trend we have been seeing since the midterms. The recent election in NC District 9 resulted in the Republican candidate winning by a small margin. This is a district that has been strongly Republican since 1963! It’s not anymore and that is due to Trump losing suburban voters. Texas is now purple. Never in a million years would I have thought that a strong red, Republican state like Texas would be competitive for Democrats. Beto O’Rourke lost by a slim margin in the 2018 midterms. Trump is losing suburban voters all over the place.

Despite Trump losing the suburbs, he can still achieve another ELECTORAL win though. Whether Trump wins or loses in 2020, it will be due to one factor and one factor only! That factor is DEMOCRAT TURNOUT. No other factor matters. Trump will have the turnout minus many suburban voters. His cultists will be out in force voting for their Messiah again. As we get closer to the election, he will start his racist rhetoric again which will rile up the racists in his base. They will be out in force. That is who he appeals to and it’s a large part of his base. Some may argue that there aren’t enough racists to give him a win due to him losing the suburban vote. If Democrat turnout is low, he will have enough of them to give him a win. If Democrats are as enthusiastic as Republicans, it will result in Trump losing.

Trump will win or lose based on DEMOCRAT TURNOUT . It’s that simple. Trump is losing the suburban vote but that is not enough to ensure a win for the Democrat candidate. Republican turnout will be high. Democrat turnout in 2020 will make the difference!

Yes, Trump is a demagogue

DEMAGOGUE- a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than using rational argument.

DEMAGOGUERY- political activity or practices that seek support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than using rational argument.

There have been many demagogues throughout history and they all follow a similar pattern. Rather than present facts, they will appeal to people’s FEARS and EMOTIONS. They arouse people’s racial and religious prejudices. They accuse opponents of disloyalty. They lie. They break the law and rules of conduct. Does anyone see this behavior exhibited in Trump? If you don’t, you have been taken in by him. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is a DEMAGOGUE.

All politicians including presidents lie and use demagoguery to an extent to get elected, to promote their agendas, and to hold on to power. With Trump though, we have seen it at a very dangerous level. Trump has incited violence and has riled up his supporters to the point of them yelling racist chants at his rallies.

Ask yourself this: How far is Trump willing to go? His mental instability combined with his demagoguery can result in him riling up his supporters to cause violence in the streets. This could very well happen if he were to lose the election. It could happen if he feels cornered. It could happen if something doesn’t go his way. IT CAN HAPPEN. He can incite violence at a more dangerous level than we have seen in the past.

His supporters are so mesmerized by him. They are clueless to how dangerous he is. That should horrify every American.

Trump hate rally: A FICTIONALIZED account

The Trump cultists were in place. They were waiting patiently for the hate rally to begin. They moved their MAGA hats across their tangled hair in an attempt to make them perfect for Dear Leader. They were all screaming MAGA over and over again. Thirty minutes passed and the crowd was starting to become impatient until finally the moment they were waiting for arrived! Out of the darkness, a large orange mass could be seen! The mass wobbled into the light and stopped at a nearby lectern. The crowd went crazy!! Who they see as the Messiah was a dream come true to them. Tears filled their eyes! Their hearts all beat at a fast pace! They began slobbering and drooling all over the place.

Finally the crowd got quiet. Trump, who his cultists see as the Messiah, began to speak. For over an hour and a half, he babbled out incoherent ramblings. One rambling after another. No matter what he said, the cultists showed agreement by screaming and cheering. They didn’t seem to care what he was saying or if they were being lied to. Trump then began to call people names. His cultists loved it. They cheered him on. A big smile came across his filthy, orange maggot face. The crowd was feeding into his clinical narcissism. It was all about him! He loved it! With all the cheering, the crowd fed his narcissism even more and Trump felt so loved. In an attempt to rile up his cultists more, he began to spew out some hate and racism. Racist chants began. Trump stood there without a care in the world. After several minutes, the racist chants stopped.

Trump then asked the crowd, “Who is your favorite president?” They shouted, “You are!” “Who is a stable genius”, he asked. “You are!”, the cultists shouted back. Trump then told the crowd, “No KKK robes will given out tonight. At my last rally, I didn’t have enough and a fight broke out.” The cultists were not happy. “We want our KKK robes, the crowd shouted.” Trump said, “But you all have the MAGA hats! They stand for the same ideals and values!” His cultists all said, “Oh yeah, you are right Dear Leader!!!!

The rally ended. The cultists went home to watch FOX News and got their dose of an alternative reality that they think is real. Trump went back to the White House and began tweeting into the late hours of the night.