The excuses for Trump continue

These Trump cultists are so brainless. With every new thing that comes out, they have some excuse or conspiracy. IE: The texts are fake, the spies are making stuff up, there is no actual whistle blower, It’s the ‘deep state.’ They talk about anyone and everything EXCEPT Trump and his actions in an attempt to distract.

There is slight problem with the ‘deep state/spy’ garbage:

1. It’s Trump’s own people, some who he appointed, who are exposing him.
2. The things that the ‘deep state’ and the ‘spies’ are accusing Trump of are things WE SEE TRUMP DOING, TWEETING OUT, TALKING ABOUT, AND ADMITTING TO! How are they “setting him up” when we all see him engage in the behaviors he is being accused of?? LOL LOL

We have a president who is mentally unstable, unfit for office, and a national security risk to this country. He has no concern for the laws of this country. He tells others to break the law in exchange for pardons. He lies at a level that is pathological.

The people around Trump see that! They also see him engage in illegal or unethical actions and leak it to the media. They have been doing that since he got elected. Same with the whistle blowers. They are people who are concerned about Trump’s behavior. That’s NOT a ‘deep state.’

The ideal situation would be for them ALL (both current and past administration officials) to come forward PUBLICLY with their concerns on how unfit he is but it doesn’t look like that will ever happen.

Trump hate rally: A FICTIONALIZED account

The Trump cultists were in place. They were waiting patiently for the hate rally to begin. They moved their MAGA hats across their tangled hair in an attempt to make them perfect for Dear Leader. They were all screaming MAGA over and over again. Thirty minutes passed and the crowd was starting to become impatient until finally the moment they were waiting for arrived! Out of the darkness, a large orange mass could be seen! The mass wobbled into the light and stopped at a nearby lectern. The crowd went crazy!! Who they see as the Messiah was a dream come true to them. Tears filled their eyes! Their hearts all beat at a fast pace! They began slobbering and drooling all over the place.

Finally the crowd got quiet. Trump, who his cultists see as the Messiah, began to speak. For over an hour and a half, he babbled out incoherent ramblings. One rambling after another. No matter what he said, the cultists showed agreement by screaming and cheering. They didn’t seem to care what he was saying or if they were being lied to. Trump then began to call people names. His cultists loved it. They cheered him on. A big smile came across his filthy, orange maggot face. The crowd was feeding into his clinical narcissism. It was all about him! He loved it! With all the cheering, the crowd fed his narcissism even more and Trump felt so loved. In an attempt to rile up his cultists more, he began to spew out some hate and racism. Racist chants began. Trump stood there without a care in the world. After several minutes, the racist chants stopped.

Trump then asked the crowd, “Who is your favorite president?” They shouted, “You are!” “Who is a stable genius”, he asked. “You are!”, the cultists shouted back. Trump then told the crowd, “No KKK robes will given out tonight. At my last rally, I didn’t have enough and a fight broke out.” The cultists were not happy. “We want our KKK robes, the crowd shouted.” Trump said, “But you all have the MAGA hats! They stand for the same ideals and values!” His cultists all said, “Oh yeah, you are right Dear Leader!!!!

The rally ended. The cultists went home to watch FOX News and got their dose of an alternative reality that they think is real. Trump went back to the White House and began tweeting into the late hours of the night.