Remember when America had a REAL President?

Remember when America had a REAL president? It seems like a lifetime ago. Obama had such class and decency. He didn’t spew hate and racism. He didn’t divide people. He didn’t call people names or insult them. He knew how to unify people when there were tragedies. He didn’t have half his inner circle indicted. He wasn’t lawless and corrupt. He didn’t order people to break the law to get what he wants. It sure was nice!

The same goes for W. Bush, Clinton, H. W. Bush and every other president we have had. They all knew how to conduct themselves. They knew presidential norms. They knew about how government functions. If they didn’t know, their advisers, lawyers, and other cabinet members gave them advice which they actually listened to and followed!

It would be nice to have Obama back. Or W. Bush. Or any other past president! It would be nice if we could clone one of our past presidents to replace Trump! Any of them except Nixon. We have Nixon now with all the obstructing of justice and illegal acts being perpetrated by Trump.

These are depressing and scary times in this country with Trump as president. He is the complete opposite of every other president we have had. If it gets too depressing, consider watching clips of past presidents speaking on YouTube. Allow yourself to escape and remember the times when America had a REAL president.