Thanks for stopping by! Most people like yourself need a break from time to time as they go about their day. Why not stop by my pit stop for that break? Like with any pit stop visit, I know your stay will be short so the posts won’t be too long. I will also try to make them lighthearted in nature. Be sure to stop by often though!

Most of the posts will be political in nature and will be specifically about Trump. These are dangerous times with him in the White House. It’s important for all Americans to speak out against him and bring attention to how unfit and dangerous he is.

  • The Trump Cult

    August 26, 2019 by

    It boggles the mind that most of the people who support Trump NEVER criticize him or call him out on ANYTHING he says or does. No matter what it is, they are silent. Donald Trump, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, a mentally sick, child-like, vile human being can do and say anything and they… Read more

  • The excuses for Trump continue

    October 8, 2019 by

    These Trump cultists are so brainless. With every new thing that comes out, they have some excuse or conspiracy. IE: The texts are fake, the spies are making stuff up, there is no actual whistle blower, It’s the ‘deep state.’ They talk about anyone and everything EXCEPT Trump and his actions in an attempt to… Read more

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